Greek government’s attack on media freedom

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Workers outside the ERT’s gate on Thursday morning who responded to the call from the occupiers that they were under attack before they were violently pushed away by riot police Photo credit: Dromographos

From daily News Line in Britain:


AT 4.15 local time yesterday morning, hundreds of riot police forcibly entered the building of the ERT (state TV and radio corporation) which has been occupied by its journalists, technicians and administrative workers since 11 June.

This followed a decision of the Greek coalition government to shut it down and sack all its 2,500 employees.

About 50 people inside the ERT building at the time of the riot police raid were thrown out.

The President of the ERT trade union POSPERT, Panayiotis Kalfayiannis, and three other workers were arrested by the riot police and taken to the Athens police HQ where they were later released.

As the riot police invaded, ERT journalists on air called on Athens workers to rush to the building. At 6,00am about 1,000 workers congregated outside ERT’s main gate.


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