Εμπρός της γης οι κολασμένοι … ρε μουνιά. #Manolada (2014)

(The short memories and thoughts make people missing)

It’s been years since I started impoverished people from thousands of miles away to seek, not a better life, but life itself.

Some of these travelers arrived survival and space that residents identify with the name of Greece.

While the natives were accustomed for many years to migrate themselves, in order to survive, now, exporting country slum-desperate workers, came to be accepted in their place, the same or even more impoverished fellow citizens from other parts of the globe.

The veneer of “development”, which captured obsessional Greek residents, created needs to be covered. Projects were designed to demonstrate “progress” started to be designed and made. Roads, industrial-craft buildings, homes, ports and airports began to grow at an unprecedented pace in the place. Dance of money got Dionysian form and other ancient mystics most swept into the vortex of the “most many, many more”.

Traditional subsistence work, first and foremost agricultural employment began to decline and occupations people focused on completely parasitic direction. The “production” is limited to providing services and in manufacturing luxury products, that not only do not solve any of the basic standards of human needs and concerns, but instead create a wave of greed and avarice in place.

To meet the needs food consumption was imported products, which could no longer produce the inhabitants of this country, being busy in the pursuit of glamor and status. Nobody wants their children to become ranchers, farmers and fishermen. This dream is all in suits and ties, as a morning dress, and sweatshirt-pole with trendy tzinakia for evening outings to cafés, bistros and tea rooms!

But because everything that is motivated by greed and the lie keeps little, began to appear the first signs of social – economic and moral crisis. These tried ideological tanks system, in cooperation with political, economic and spiritual exponents, not to redefine, let alone solve, but to meet or at least to push back in later years. A bright idea systemic was to make the Olympic Games, to stimulate, to feet of clay, the domestic economy. Party billion was designed and erected by bosses bosses. But I had to have bosses and workers. Albanians, Pakistanis and Egyptians were the most inexpensive and convenient solution to provide maximum benefit. Caravans “contraband” with the blessings of law and order, began to flood the place. As far as the issue is “Greece is becoming an attractive tourist destination,” so then, underground and organized systemic erected migration routes impoverished manual laborer for the “glory and the development of our country” and (only) the staff their yperploutismo.

managed to make the place a vast construction site waste and antisocial construction, using cheap (in money and lives) illegal immigrants (who themselves brought). As for the natives, they were content to office work, the preoccupation with the stock market and sports.

Like a parasite and flawed design, and the end came soon collapse. Lost urban properties, urban careers, civil and literal lives, but left hock in place of the workers – economic refugees, as a legacy from the era of prosperity.

Some of the workers – economic refugees, rammed deeper in europe but most were trapped here. Jobs and wages decreased, to the point of disappearance. Over one million people were without any prospect of a stranger, for them, a place, locked in situations worse and from those who lived before weeded.

But the system is not left untapped and this opportunity. They themselves confess, without shame, that “the crisis generates opportunities”! They had a huge pool of impoverished, ready for wildest still holding. Neglected occupations like agriculture, livestock and fisheries, reappeared in the spotlight as a new enrichment opportunities. Super-rich oligarchs bought large tracts of land at very low price, or at best, rented land with its owners. Smallholders fields made exclusively – perennial disposal of production contracts with packers and marketing agricultural – livestock and fishery products. Very hard work for producers, easy and great profit for their exploiters.

An example of the above area Manolada. Over 7,000 (current) economic refugees work in utterly inhuman conditions for either the smallholders of the fields, either directly for large predators. Often to “recruit” someone 10-20 economic refugees, to use the fields for 3-4 months and then, when the time of payment, to call the police to collect their “illegal immigrants”. And frequent phenomenon (by most humanists!) Use them to pay 10 to 12 euros per day.

All we learned about barbaric behavior of bosses and foremen, their previous years, against laborers – economic refugees. Who can forget the murders of those who called accruals, their humiliations and sufferings (like dragging the main street of Manolada worker-economic refugee with his hand caught in the car window);;;

But forget that, quite deliberately, is that bloody consume foods.

An attempt to boycott the “strawberry Manolada” Last year was such a time. The involvement of local nikokireoi was of little or minimal. Some alternative or hip leftists stopped buying strawberries Manolada and turned to strawberries Arcadia and Thessaly, as if there are conditions of production is even a little better.

This year has already started advertising on TV strawberries with 1 50 euro trays from LIDL, known multinational disposal cheap and low quality food products. The benches, street filled with strawberries and housewives as aspiring lovers, ran to get bloodied exotic fruit.

Maybe this year to decide some “sensitive” to boycott fraoules.Prepei but to know that the production Strawberry is only 7% of agricultural production Manolada. The region produces the same bloody cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cabbages, potatoes, watermelons and melons.

With Boycott strawberry aktivizoume not face even briefly. Fragmented and supposedly symbolic moves are very easy to be addressed by the exploiters of human lives and needs of people for feeding.

Finally resolved the issue (in this society that exists) would be to obtain papers and identities that economic refugees-migrants and begin to enjoy all the civil rights aporeoun of the constitution (as they define it), such as labor rights, insurance, health care, decent living.

The following video will show you first time images of a camp laborers – economic refugees Manolada, not reentering anyone else except themselves.

The difficulties encountered to get to the camp was incredible. We watched closely and state cops and the minions of the exploiters. The hardest but was suspicion themselves economic refugees. While some found to lead us in the camp, just walked, appeared other patriots who threatened us and their countrymen that will shout the “bosses” and that everyone would have “consequences”.

In “visit” accompanied us to the camp and a companion, who gave us a suspected rudimentary security (as can feel it in an area of ​​approximately 1,000 impoverished and terrorized people).

the conditions in which they live you can see for yourself your. Just imagine that with the rains and cold winter, the camp was a vast mudflat that made even walking in it a real adventure. The shots were taken in august we went and did not have presented so far because we respected a verbal agreement.

As for the title …

The “land of the damned” is not only economic refugees but those who allow such things to happen in their backyard. Protecting and fighting for the life and dignity of economic refugees in essence fighting for our future in a system that has decided to xanasystisei conditions of medieval life and manage to xanakatastisei every man serf and mercy of moods of the market and rich: neoliberalism or as I prefer to call him, the neofeoudarchias.


(Οι κοντές μνήμες και σκέψεις κάνουν τους ανθρώπους ελλιπείς)

Πάνε χρόνια από τότε που εξαθλιωμένοι άνθρωποι ξεκίνησαν από χιλιάδες χιλιόμετρα μακριά για να αναζητήσουν , όχι καλύτερες συνθήκες ζωής , αλλά την ίδια τη ζωή.

Μερικοί από αυτούς τους ταξιδιώτες της επιβίωσης έφτασαν και στο χώρο που οι κάτοικοί του τον προσδιορίζουν με το όνομα ελλάδα.

Ενώ οι ντόπιοι είχαν συνηθίσει τόσα χρόνια να μεταναστεύουν και οι ίδιοι , για να μπορέσουν να επιβιώσουν , τώρα , από χώρα εξαγωγής εξαθλιωμένων-απελπισμένων εργατών , έφτασαν να γίνουν αποδέκτες στον τόπο τους , το ίδιο ή και περισσότερο εξαθλιωμένων συνανθρώπων τους από άλλα μέρη του πλανήτη.

Η επίφαση της ”ανάπτυξης”  , που ιδεοληπτικά κατέλαβε τους κατοίκους της ελλάδας , δημιούργησε ανάγκες που έπρεπε να καλυφθούν. Έργα που σκοπό είχαν να καταδείξουν την ”πρόοδο” ξεκίνησαν να σχεδιάζονται και να πραγματοποιούνται.  Δρόμοι , βιομηχανικά-βιοτεχνικά κτήρια , σπίτια , λιμάνια κι αεροδρόμια άρχισαν να φυτρώνουν…

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