I have a personal request please help me Stop the War on Syria

As Always follow the money first … my personal belief is after watching the batman shootings then sandy hook elementary followed by the boston bombings at the marathon …if you bought into these as real unstaged attacks ..then you will probably be thinking these chemical attacks are real in Syria also ….. so much accusation and counter accusation the question you should be asking ‘is it real ‘ has evaded your mind .

Piazza della Carina

13 - 1

you know this is what US does best over and over again !



Please for your loved ones sakes stop this with me … i am ready to go join and help form a human shield around these people, their blood is already on our hands for not stopping the terrorist funding by various countries.

Subterfuge and ideological drive in Senator McCain’s flight to Syria ~ Moscow remembers Charlie Wilson’s War


John McCain: Founding Father of the Terrorist Emerite of Benghazi

Benghazi declares autonomy, raises Al-Qaeda flag. McCain seeks to spread terrorist empire to Syria.


in case you think this will only effect Syria you are very wrong and deluded, China and Russia have already moved in to block and protect Syria. the Pope asked Putin for help against US aggression, you can search all that easily yourself it is current events.


Western rationality

Thierry Meyssan

You liked the…

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