How To Murder Your Enemy and Make it look like an Accident – Michael Hastings Likely Assassinated


This is a disturbing story, and most people have moved on because we have scandal after scandal, disaster after disaster, and celeb propaganda stories out the wazzoo.  Why should we care about Michael Hastings?  Why should we care about Andrew Breitbart or a plethora of other people murdered in cold blood by dare I say, “Our government”?  Open and free societies do not turn tyrannical overnight.  Germany was once very much as we are in America, then the depression hit after WWI and we all but ensured round 2 when we put such draconian measures on them.  This gave rise to Adolf Hitler and that was not overnight.  Laws were changed, their freedoms were taken away, and reporters who tried to warn the people were silenced.  The heavy hand of government came down on the people via the brown shirts, Stazi, and Gestapo.  You can just change the names to…

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