Huge fireballs shoot across UK night sky in spectacular ‘meteor’ shower then Explode across Russia

art-meteor1-620x349I was awakened by screaming neighbourhood kids as i scrambled to the window to see what was happening the sky was lit up by 2 bright fiery objects slowly crawling Eastward in the night sky …  i was unprepared to film the sights ..this morning i did a search on the subject and found these stories .

Experts claim that the suspected meteors seen soaring through UK skies last night may have been bits of man-made satellites.

If they turn out to be right then hundreds of people will have been looking up at bits of old spacecraft burning up as they entered the atmosphere.

The large number of eyewitness accounts also support the expert’s theory as meteors – or fragments of rock – flash across the sky in an instant while incoming space hardware takes longer to pass over.

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Meteors or old bits of man-made space equipment? Experts and local reports suggest last night’s firework display may have been bits of space junk re-entering Earth’s atmosphere

Meteors or old bits of man-made space equipment? Experts and local reports suggest last night’s firework display may have been bits of space junk re-entering Earth’s atmosphere

Dr Tim O’Brien, associate director of the Jodrell Bank Observatory, told the BBC it was probably ‘orbital debris from satellites.

‘[The object was] probably 80 miles up or so, high up, moving very fast, actually, 18,000 miles an hour, probably, at least.’

Colin Johnston of Armagh Planetarium told the BBC a meteor shower had now been anticipated.

‘It could be a bit of natural space junk which has been floating around the universe for billions of years, or it could be a man-made satellite which has burned up,’ he said.

The bright lights were seen streaking through the sky in the North of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

They were seen as far as the Shetland Islands in Scotland as well as in Wales and Norfolk in East Anglia.

Many people in Manchester, Leeds and Blackpool have also been busy posting pictures of last night’s event.

Jim Ramsay, 44, spotted the bright light while taking pictures of the night sky near Squinty Bridge in Glasgow city centre.

Civil engineering student Craig Usher, 23, was taking photos of the north star at Loch Thom in Scotland when he saw the meteor out the corner of his eye.

‘I suddenly saw this flash out of the side of my eye and saw a meteor breaking into about 20 pieces,’ said Craig, who is a student at Glasgow University.

‘They were heading relatively slowly across the sky so I quickly turned my camera around and started taking some photos.

‘I was absolutely gobsmacked to see the meteor and really pleased to have got the pictures.’

Tom Heaton, 28, was star gazing with his girlfriend for the first time when they saw the meteor in Galloway Forest Park in Scotland.

‘It was a one in a million chance we were in just the right place at the right time,’ he said.

‘At first I thought a plane had crashed, but then I realised it was a meteor. We were very lucky to spot it.’

Meteors are particles from space that burn up as they plummet through Earth’s atmosphere, sometimes emitting light and creating a ‘fireball’ effect.

Meteorites are larger, more durable objects that survive heating in the atmosphere and land on Earth.

‘Meteor shower’ hits Russia

RAW VISION: A reported “meteor” causes a bright flash in the sky and explosion in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region.


Moscow: A meteor shower has rained down on central Russia, sowing panic as hurtling space debris exploded in the air, blew out windows and injured dozens of people.

The Russsian Emergencies Ministry reported a meteoroid exploded in the skies above the Urals region, sending a shock wave that shattered windows, hurting about 100 people.

For MT

A meteor shower in the Urals Federal District in central Russia shattered residents’ windows, shook the ground and caused several injuries Friday morning, the Emergency Situations Ministry reported.

The first reports came in around 7:55 a.m., with witnesses in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen saying they saw flashes in the sky, heard massive thunder and witnessed windows shatter, Yelena Smirnykh, deputy head of the ministry’s information department, told Interfax.

Debris is believed to have landed in several places throughout the Chelyabinsk region, and windows in the buildings closest to the meteor’s trajectory shattered, causing several injuries.

As of 12:00 p.m., over 400 injuries were documented, RIA-Novosti reported, citing the Interior Ministry.

The Chelyabinsk administration has created a working group headed by Deputy Governor Igor Murog to deal with the aftermath of the meteor shower and arrange medical assistance for those injured.

The Volga Federal District was also affected by the meteor shower.

“The flashes in the lower layers of the atmosphere caused by a meteor shower were recorded above both the Urals and the Volga Federal District, the impact of which caused windows to shatter in the upper floors of buildings,” Smirnykh said.

In Chelyabinsk, the region that appears to have been the hardest hit, cell phone service is reportedly down and several evacuations have been carried out. According to Interfax, all schools and kindergartens in the region have been closed by order of the Federal Consumer Protection Service.

The Emergency Situations Ministry is working in an intensified regime, with 20,000 workers put on high alert, reported. The ministry says it doesn’t expect any more meteor showers, however.

Residents initially thought the incident was caused by fighter jets flying too close to the ground.

“It was unclear, there were flashes with movements of something that looked like a comet or meteor. The airport is working according to its normal schedule,” said Yevgeny Krasikov, a spokesman for Yekaterinburg-based Koltsovo Airport.

One witness from Emanzhilinsk in the Chelyabinsk region said, “It started to explode in the air and then continued to the earth. There are black clouds over the city. Everybody thought war had broken out.”

Residents in Chelyabinsk have also reported a strong smell from the burning debris.

The Emergency Situations Ministry reported that radiation levels in the areas affected by the meteor are normal, and they will continue to be monitored closely.

Russian video of exploding ‘Meteors’

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