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  1. I got through about 1/3 and had to stop (did open the Chemtrails/Protection thing though, we were just talking last night about chemtrails being possible defense against other country HAARPS.) It got too graphic.

    My problem with these kinds of documents is the blanket terminology which groups everyone under one title: Jews/Christians/Muslims instead of what we’re really looking at: evil creeps within. Evil can come in any of these packages, but so can good. The entire article uses the term Jews. A hungry mind just looking for an excuse to hate an entire culture would jump on this as justification for the antipathy. But it isn’t. Those creeps suck, and they happened to be Jewish. It would be like saying people with black hair who live in deserts are all evil, just look at evidence A, B, C. But that’s silly. Desert/black hair may be a common denominator, but it isn’t the defining factor.

    I’m not denying the data btw, nor the contribution it makes towards recognizing evil comes in all forms. Too many people, like the treatise points out, do not realize the Jews (nor Christians or Muslims) are not perfect victims either. But I suspect the motivation behind the point-the-finger exposes is that we become so angry and wary of evil we desperately, frantically search out a definable cause. A focus point. A place to say, “There! There! That is the source! Aim there!”

    The source, though, I would argue, is within. It’s us. All of us. It’s some part of us that taps in when we’re really freaking pissed off, emotionally driven out of our wits, or otherwise so out of character even the morals of Christianity, Islam and Judaism cannot restrain our savage within from a bloodbath in the conquered flesh of our perceived enemy. No religion is so great, so noble it unfailingly contains its people from evil.

    We should be pointing at the puppeteers within -all- these ways of life plotting us against each other to keep us from noticing the strings, right? From the part I read, every other paragraph mentioned a bankster…

    Thanks for the heads up though. I really hope I don’t go out by hot lead in my mouth or people slicing my kids in half… what the hell man!!! Is there anywhere on Earth we can go and just be nice people eating bananas?!?!

  2. if there was no greed and people could be civilized without hurting each other maybe we could survive as a race …. a life form …. spiritually we are as enlightened as a sack of door knobs …mostly because of consumerism … religion ( ironic huh ? ) and nationalism … a one world system would be easy to accept … if the transition was by growth towards a common goal and not enforced cooperation enslavement …and the dreaded population reduction … human nature is impatient …. we desire change so badly we cannot evolve … instead we rapidly plunge backwards and forwards in cycles of repetition or is that just me ? 😉 today i bought bananas … but made chili 😐

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