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  1. http://timpanogos.wordpress.com/2012/10/24/u-s-actions-to-support-agenda-21-soil-conservation-farm-and-rural-development-no-population-control-no-black-helicopters/#comment-252790

    It is very frustrating to me to be trying to spread awareness IN THE FIRST PLACE, and get attacked and torn apart by the very people I am trying to stand on behalf of for doing so. I can see why no one wants to be the messenger anymore. It’s a waste of time. I seriously have my head slumped over right now.

  2. There is a subject called ‘World View ‘ some people complain about the situation …but when you show them the truth ..it scares their cozy reality into the obviousness of their acceptance of lies to maintain a sense of control over their own lives … which of course is pure fallacy … your freedom exists for one day every four years to make an ‘x’ in a box and then go back to sleep paying your taxes ..which are actually interest repayments to the banking elites who financed the last war .Some people have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that all they have been lead to believe is a huge intricately woven scheme …. all the daily blah blah blah is part of it i am sure some politicians and newscasters do not even realize it themselves … but some do and when they do they disappear … .Imagine you are so deeply entrenched in a system when you awaken to the obviousness of the deception ..who do you tell ? without running into the ones who are in place to catch people who realize and might blow the whistle.People are not paranoid … they are ultra vigilant 🙂 this world does not make sense to a rational mind on any level …. so the obvious conclusion is …some people somewhere are controlling this ,it is not a century of accidents …

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