“Loukanikos” the Greek Protest Dog

A dog that has been seen at nearly every demonstration in Athens over the last two years has turned up again during the recent protests against new austerity measures.

Greek photographers capturing riot footage started to notice the pooch when he kept appearing in their negatives. Their photos show the mutt appearing at nearly every clash between angry locals and the police in Athens. Not surprisingly, he surfaced again during the recent protests during a nationwide strike.

The pup is seen in a variety of dangerous places: bravely lying down before lines of demonstrators, running at police, barking at riot cops prepared to shoot, and even dodging tear gas:

~ by toolwielder on September 27, 2012.

20 Responses to ““Loukanikos” the Greek Protest Dog”

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  3. it is ok .. it was a great find .. :D

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  5. Loukanikos is his name .. in English = Sausage .. i had to check my sources … Kanellos = Cinnamon was a former legendary freedom fighting one .. who passed in July of 2008 .. he deserves respect as a fallen brother ..so i changed the post .

  6. glad he found home, was about to offer him one :)

    • :D

      • :) am really bad when it comes to animals needing homes, at one time i had 11 dogs lol

      • I have a maxim .. until i settle down i won’t get any pets .. not fair to move them around .. but i am going to Greece shortly ..and was wondering if he might need a good home ..with lots of attention .. some people have pets but don’t do anything with them just food water and walks ? not such a great lifestyle …

      • agreed, the reason i had so many was due to economy, people losing jobs, etc … and it was not fair to their pets. i found all a good home except the one i have now. she has major health issues so she stays with me.

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  8. Louk has his own website here:

    As it seems he is now enjoying his time in friendly greek house where he is been taken care of like he should.
    A true fighter!

    • This is great to know .. :D we are Huge ‘Louk’ fans .. such an Inspirational Dog .Thank you for your comment .. i will add the website link to the post … in these times of global tragedy a hero has appeared .

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