Personal World View ..and Cognitive Dissonance … The Social psychology of Waking up !!!

With so many Views and Theories in Abundance … We are at war with those that Mold our world for their profit as much as the ones that would rather believe it was a “Conspiracy Theory” .When a persons or groups  World View   .. is Challenged it Births Cognitive Dissonance … Our preconceived beliefs are challenged … and we find it hard to accept the Facts …. ( when so many facts are distorted and MSM coverage bombards us with hype and Relentless Propaganda ) but when you feel something is wrong ,we tend also to get into a way of thinking that every thing we find that goes against the lies we are told is also true … because we know the Truth … YET !!! We still have to think for ourselves .. just because something is portrayed as akin to our perspective ,doesn’t necessarily mean it is not b.s.  .and therefore containing material to confuse our clarity … I see so much infighting between People that have the same clarity , maybe its egotism vs humility .. i don’t know … personally i want to be challenged everyday .. and try to see the big picture … no matter if it is against what i have been raised to believe … The reason i am rambling is for many reasons …

1 i want a better world … but i also see so many people that want a better world still want to retain the dog eat dog mentality of the regime we want to remove …

2 I am confused by all the information because i want to believe that somewhere out there there are like minded and like spirited people .. who would Really work together and not want to be better than anyone else or think they are because of social standing..or even desire a status above his /her fellow human.

Where people become Doctors because they want to heal … not because they get a huge salary and kickbacks from the  drug companies for selling worthless pills to people with no problems except social anxiety issues …

where people can make a living doing what they love ….  of course we cant have people doing things above their capacity … but then again if it is something they cant do .. then they wont love it in the first place .

6 thoughts on “Personal World View ..and Cognitive Dissonance … The Social psychology of Waking up !!!

      • I find that also although it is so hard for me to write from the heart–the Truth of me. With this blog, I try to reblog those pieces that come from within. Thanks for moving me with your piece. 🙂

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