HK … and The CIA . Behind the Pinochet Coup in Chile … Illegal bombing in Cambodia and East Timor Massacre and so much more …


why is he allowed to roam free ? and attend Bilderburg .
CIA and Kissinger … same thing. So many countries   Raped and Ruined … and Monsanto gets to destroy  with Their Round up Ready, poison proof engineered foods,,that infect Natural crops making them dependant on the chemicals they sell , … When any country decides to not be controlled by these people ..they get controlled by force …In the name of “Democracy” .. False Flag Attacks …where Religion,Communism or Terrorism are blamed for the attacks that are engineered by the Illuminati , coups,rigged elections , assasinations .. Look beyond the headlines …And you will see thay are really after Natural Resources,Plundering for Profit ,for themselves and the 1% on the payroll to mask and confuse the rest .. A PRISON FOR YOUR MIND …  .. Kissinger is the Master .. be afraid … or Stand Up  and be heard !!.


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