Why the 2012 phenomenon is real!

1         Introduction

1.1       Mass Arrests are Imminent!

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ THIS! It will be the most important article you have ever read!

Over 773 CEO level resignations or terminations have occurred so far this year.

Arrest warrants have now been issued against the leaders of the Federal Reserve, the European Central Banks, BIS, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Japan and many more very senior individuals! These arrests are about to take place!

Here is a VITAL LINK to critically important information regarding those upcoming worldwide VERY high level arrests that will occur shortly by the police and military.

1.2       Other BREAKING Alternative news reports

Via recent laws and Executive Orders, Martial Law is for all practical purposes already in effect in the United States!  The U.S. Government can now do anything it wants with anything or anybody. And now with E.O. 13563 our laws are being made subject to international laws.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is “preparing for massive civil war!”

Anonymous is about to release lots of incontrovertible evidence of visitations of BENEVOLENT Extra Dimensional beings to our planet!

Hollywood and Occupy Philadelphia have both written a NEW Declarations of Independence!

It is now mathematically IMPOSSIBLE to ever balance the U.S. Budget. And the U.S. is actually in worse financial shape that Greece, not to mention the rest of the European Union! How long before it ALL collapses???

Many lawsuits worth hundreds of trillion of dollars have been launched against central banks, major banks, mortgage holders and others, many on behalf of the PEOPLE!

The New York Times is reporting that the FBI is the largest terrorist organization in the world and responsible for the vast majority of terror plots!

The above will be hitting the main stream media shortly!

1.3       What does it all mean?

If you truly know what is behind the above events and the meaning of it all you should be VERY happy! But most are worried about the above events and concerned about where the world and humanity are headed, mostly because of fear of the unknown. If you want to know what is really behind the news and/or what major events are yet to come, this is the article you NEED to READ! The answers are in here or are pointed to by this article. If this material is too much for you to handle, feel free to save it locally as the internet may not be available when you need it. You will likely want to refer to it in the future as further events unfold. The more of this material you can get through and absorb, the better prepared you’ll be to handle the coming physical, emotional and spiritual worldwide events.

1.4       What is the 2012 phenomenon?

The Mayans, the Aztecs, the Hopis, the Aborigines, the Dogons, the Eskimos and virtually every other indigenous culture believe that a new golden age on earth is imminent. Almost all major religions have also prophesized an imminent new Golden age on earth. This is what is happening now, a transition to a new Golden age! This is what is behind the Mayan date of 2012, not all the doom and gloom stuff you have been hearing.  The 2012 phenomenon is the most positive news in human history! And you are here to witness and help in those changes. Instead of duality, dark, evil and service to self there will be oneness, light, love and service to others. Our governments, monetary and social systems will collapse and be almost immediately replaced with much better systems already waiting in the wings to minimize transition problems. Our bodies will change and we will regain many lost ESP like capabilities.  What will happen shortly (if not already underway) is that the forces of dark and evil will be removed, either voluntary by resignation or forcibly via arrest. This is needed so the rest of humanity can concentrate on the other needed changes and so we can celebrate and enjoy our new life filled with love, light and the abundance which has been stolen from us!

1.5       Major scientific rationale for the 2012 phenomenon

If the above alternative news links don’t convince you, then maybe this will. Our entire solar system is changing dramatically! Conservative NASA scientists are using superlatives to describe multiple MAJOR changes occurring to literally every single planet in the solar system as well as the sun itself. As just one example the atmospheric pressure of Pluto has increased 300% while moving AWAY from the sun. The probable scientific reason for all of this is that our solar system is approaching a galactic alignment with an immense energy field. This energy is most likely responsible for the physical, emotional and spiritual changes to our solar system. A much better source with hundreds of URL’s (many from NASA) can be found in Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations – all of chapter 18.

The increased energy seems very similar to the immense waves of energy given off by spinning wheel objects like our galaxy directly along the plane of the equator. Our solar system travels in a sine wave across the plane of the galactic equator and such an alignment occurs roughly every 64 million years and is now in process. This alignment lasts roughly 36 years from 1980 to 2016 with the midpoint at 1998.

Could this energy which is affecting the solar system affect biological entities? While new to western science, Russian scientists such as Popp, Budakovski, Burlakov, Gariaev and Kaznacheyev have demonstrated the ability of DNA to almost instantaneously change when hit with specific types of energy. DNA has been shown to be able to store, transform and release coherent light. More importantly, Muller and Rohde have discovered that a sudden species evolution has occurred roughly every 62 million years in earth’s history and another one appears imminent. Indeed, our solar system crossing the plane of the galactic equator seems to be responsible for those evolutionary spikes.  And this same process may cause a dramatic physical change to human beings. There is very substantial additional evidence of a 26K year perturbation to the evolutionary cycle which corresponds to the precession of the equinoxes. All of this in detail and much more is in Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations. It is a very important book to read!

2         The bad guys – the Illuminati and who they are

2.1       Many countries are building Underground bunkers specifically for 2012

If there is one other single fact that should alert you to the GLOBAL importance of 2012, it is that the United States, Russia,China,Norway and probably many other countries have all launched programs to build major underground bunker systems that are to be completed specifically by the end of 2012. A Noah’s Ark type seed and DNA storage bunker is also underway in Norway to be completed in 2012. What do our governments know that they’re not telling us? In disaster movies such as 2012, Deep Impact and Armageddon, the government always keeps the secret as long as possible and there is usually a contingency plan to save the ‘elite’.  These underground bunkers are that REAL contingency plan. Do you have an invitation to one of these underground shelters?  I’ll bet not. Some other names for the elite are the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the secret (world) government, the Committee of 300, and the Club of Rome. But they are usually collectively referred to as the illuminati or the Cabal.

2.2       The Illuminati and how they control us

What are the illuminati’s goals? Basically, they want to control everything including the entire world, and they have been quite successful in actually doing so. They do this via multiple techniques including financial controls, government controls, military controls, food and drug controls, educational controls and technological controls. This is all best explained by Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberly in their documentary Thrive. They could have been the leaders of Proctor-Gamble, but they had a higher calling. They devoted their lives to understanding why there is worldwide poverty, hunger and disease. This led them to create the Thrive Moment and the Thrive movie. Watching the Thrive movie will be the most important two hours you have ever spent. Note that all of the statements in the movie have been independently fact checked. The Gambles conclusions agree with my own independent research and that of many other ‘global conspiracy’ researchers including Charles Fort, William Bramley, Jim Marrs, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones and not the least,David Icke.

A quick summary of the movie is that free energy and other advanced technology is being suppressed to keep us dependant on illuminati controlled oil reserves. The medical establishment is involved to keep us dependant on drugs. Monsanto uses genetically modified foods to monopolize the food industry and to help keep us sick. Rothschild (an infamous Illuminati family) controlled central banks make up money out of thin air and then force governments and corporations to repay loaned money with interest. And of course the people end up picking up the tab. And the leaders of the main stream media (of which there are only 5) knowingly support all of this by controlling what most people see and read and by using subliminal programming techniques (see MK Ultra below). Religions are also used to control us principally via fear of an all loving God, if that makes any sense. The Bible was edited by the Illuminati to enforce this belief. Even our educational system has been hijacked. We were taught that civilization began 4,000BC, but non main stream archeologists and ordinary people are finding 10000 year old structures. But we are not helpless. We can work on many of these problems. Solutions do exist. There is much, much more, but you really should watch the Thrive movie.

The Illuminati have a lot of technology to use to keep us under control as virtual slaves! There are over 5000 patents that are classified by the US Government Patent Office. They would not be classified if our Government was not already using them. In addition, ANY patent that proposes to increase energy efficiency significantly are routinely rejected. Many of these secret technologies were obtained either directly from negative ETs or by attempting to reverse engineer their crafts. Secret positive technologies consist of free energy, antigravity devices, a high-speed underground rail system, and even teleportation capabilities. Secret negative technologies include mind control (ala MK Ultra), a vast manned space fleet, weather control systems, earthquake generators (see HAARP), cloning and biological experimentation (see also Abductees) and of course chemical and biological warfare technology. The only practical way of keeping these technologies secret is in underground bases. We have been using a combustion engine as our basic transportation capability for well over 150 years! Do you really believe nobody has thought of anything better in that time? Of course people have, but the Cabal wants US to remain under their control and keep paying for oil.

For a much broader and in depth understanding of the 2012 phenomenon and a very good introduction to the leaders of the 2012 movement, the 2012 The Online Movie (not the theatrical 2012 movie) is also HIGHLY recommended. A summary of all the material presented is simply not viable.  Note that there are many other great videos that you should consider watching. And the in5D website has a very good alternative news page that you should use INSTEAD of unreliable main stream media news.

2.1       The illuminati are ruthless – have no compunction with leaving us to die.

One excellent example of how sick of the Illuminati leaders are can be found at a hillside in Georgia which is known as the Georgia Guide Stones. The first sentence on these stones is:”Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” Any sane person would obviously think that this not only condones but highly recommends genocide. No wonder the financiers of the Guide Stones effort wish to remain anonymous.

An even better way of finding out how ruthless the Illuminati are is by examining the spread of Rothschild controlled central banks. It is important to note that two U.S. presidents tried to stop the control of the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve (which is no more Federal than Federal Express) by having the U.S. Government print its own money. Those Presidents were Lincoln and Kennedy. Many researchers believe that is the key reason those leaders were assassinated.

The smoking gun of why there are wars is this list of Rothschild controlled central banks. Note that recently Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Libya have instituted Rothschild controlled central banks right after a war led by the U.S. And our government and mass media is promoting conflict and war with exactly those countries that do not have a Rothschild controlled central bank, namely Iran, North Korea and Cuba! All is would take is a few MORE false flag operations, and the whole world will be in financial slavery.

A false flag operation is generally regarded as a means by which a nation can gain public support to start a war by covertly blaming the other side for starting the war. World War II in Europe started officially withOperation Himmler when Hitler sent German soldiers disguised as Polish Soldiers to attack a German radio station and other facilities near the border. The German ‘free’ press blamed the Polish which was all the excuse Hitler needed to send his forces, which were coincidentally ready and waiting at the border, into Poland. The Tonkin Gulf Incident where a U.S. Destroyer was ‘attacked’ by North Vietnam was the reason Congress voted to start the Vietnam War. The attack has since been largely disproved. Operation Northwoods were plans (never implemented) to start a similar war with Cuba in 1962 by hijacking and crashing U.S. civilian jetliners using radio control methods. What can be done with today’s technology, especially the secret technology? An amazing 5 minute look into the events of 911 will convince a reasonable patriotic person that 911 was a similar false flag operation/inside job designed and executed by the Illuminati to allow the U.S. Government to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq to establish Rothschild central banks and also curtail civil liberties greatly.

Much more has been said on the topic of Illuminati ruthlessness and its world control over us. David Icke is one great example. His many books are incredible and very well researched. If you don’t like his conclusions, don’t blame him, blame his sources. Then there are Jim Marrs, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones and many others. The Above Top Secret website has a lot of great scholarly material that can largely be depended on. If something is not true, as determined by hordes of debunkers, it winds up in the HOAX forum.

2.2       Why are the bunkers being built – what are the illuminati afraid of?

There are many reasons to be frightened. And not just the Illuminati, but normal people too. There are meteors, comets, global warming (really solar system wide warming per 1.3), earthquakes, and many other ‘natural’ reasons.

If the illuminati really want to get rid of us, there is always nuclear war, biological warfare, chemical warfare and normal conventional warfare not to mention probably a few others.  And the Illuminati will certainly need to hide in their bunkers for those methods.

Another ‘threat’ would be the BENEVOLENT Extraterrestrials (ET’s) and Extra-Dimensional (ED) beings and cultures that are PEACEFULLY observing the earth. This is natural thinking by the Illuminati since the Illuminati have been led until recently by negative ET races including the Grays and the Reptilians (more formally referred to as the Annunaki). The illuminati bogeyman in order of the U.S.S.R., terrorists and finally ETs were mentioned specifically by no less a person than Werner von Braun and has lead to  Operation Blue Beam so that gullible humans will support destroying the Good ET’s. However, this situation has and is being changed and the good/benevolent ETs/EDs have successfully removed most of the negative ET’s from the planet. But the Illuminati may still try it, so it is worth knowing that the good/benevolent ET’s have ships that are alive and radiate light and are easy to distinguish from the metallic based negative ET spacecraft.  And benevolent EDs don’t need a spaceship.

But I would submit that there is one other key reason for these underground bunkers. The illuminati are afraid of US! We are waking up and not letting them pull the wool over our eyes anymore. And we are standing up for our DIVINE rights and taking responsibility for manifesting them!

3         Who are the good guys?

Although many fear 2012, it is an extraordinary positive event in human history! It is as much spiritual and metaphysical as physical. It is the end of the duality of good/bad on earth. The bad/evil/negative entities are being removed as you read this, and they will be held accountable for their actions, but not killed. That would interfere with their free will. Then, those of us left will have the job of manifesting a new 5th dimensional earth as we will it to be. And we will solve leftover problems like the punishment of the cabal and the incredible pollution of Earth/Gaia.

But we do have help – a lot of it. We could never vanquish the negative ET’s and their human minions with all their secret technologies without such help. Until recently, these helpful forces have been inhibited by the Prime Directive, the very same Prime Directive reveled by Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek that forbids interference of superior cultures into lesser cultures. But that Prime Directive has now been suspended by Divine Decree. We will shortly have the help of many Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, St. Germaine and others. We have help from the highest levels of the angelic realm including Archangel Michael and many others. We also have the help of many advanced benevolent Extraterrestrial (ET) and Extra dimensional (ED) races, primarily the Pleadians, the Sirians, the Arcturans and our own indigenous Agharthans who live inside our HOLLOW earth. And finally there are many light workers/star seeds and human incarnate ETs/EDs here on earth, some of whom are imbedded as insiders in secret government organizations that are referred to as Earth Allies or Ground Troops. These human looking beings are ready to step into place and assume control of many current earth organizations when the time is right.

4         Evidence that the 2012 phenomenon is real

So what other evidence is there that the 2012 phenomenon is real besides our governments building underground bunkers and the solar system wide changes?

4.1       Historical, prophetic and cultural evidence

Virtually all indigenous cultures believe that a new Golden age of mankind is imminent. The people of these cultures KNOW they are here now to assist in this transition. This includes the Mayans, The Hopis, the Aborigines, the Eskimos the Dogons and MANY others. Drunvalo Melchizedek is probably the best expert on all these indigenous cultures and is well aware of their thoughts and even plans for 2012. His Mayan of Eternal Time video is good and he has tons of other videos on YouTube.

Virtually all religions (Christian, Judaic, Moslem, Hindu, and Buddhism) ALL believe in a new Golden Age and that a new heaven on earth will occur in the near future and that Jesus will come and/or return. Many biblical and other religious prophecies point to the fact that we are in these end times.  Channeled sources confirm many of these beliefs. U.S. Patent 6776618 says “This date of A.D. 2012 is accepted as significant to spiritualists, mystics and believers, many of who prognosticate that the Messiah appears in this year”.

The Mayan Calendar, Egyptian astronomy, Greek astronomy and Hindu astronomy have all triangulated on the period of 2012-2014 as the end of the cycle – ushering in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity. (See Wilcock – Source Field Investigations)

New children, young adults called indigos and crystals and even older people have arrived on earth with many ESP capabilities and know that they are here to help usher in a new age of man. Some have detailed recollections of previous lives and incarnations. These people refer to themselves as light workers and starseeds. There are social networks such as Starseeds.net, lightworkers.org, Ashtar command and others that are used to share information and for mutual support since their views frequently clash with their families and society.

Both the Mayan calendar and the passageway to the Queens chamber in that great pyramid have been shown to indicate some sort of major change in 2012.

Saint Malachy and Edgar Cacye both prophesized that Pope Benedict XV would be the last Pope, excluding only Satan himself.

In Geoff Stray’s, 2012 in Your Pocket, there are 30 different prophecies or scientific results that explicitly reference the year 2012. There are many others that reference 2013 and 2014. The book is HIGHLY recommended. Many of his conclusions are included in this article. It was this book more than any other that convinced the author that there was definitely something very special, mystical and scientific regarding the year 2012. It is NOT just any other year!

There are 21 events documented in Stray’s book that refer to major changes in Human Beings starting around 2012  and two more events that tend to indicate that we will gain god-like powers.

Although Eric vonDaniken first popularized the Ancient Astronaut theory in his landmark book Chariots of the Gods, Zachariah Sitchin’s massive work of over 10 books called the Earth Chronicles are amazing books and detail the takeover of our planet by the Annunaki of Nibiru tens if not hundreds of millennia ago. He explains in detail how time, astronomy, mathematics and many other sciences were given to us by the Annunaki which explains how indigenous cultures have so much accurate astronomical knowledge. Sitchin’s information comes directly from the Bible and many other ancient texts as interpreted literally. His books resonate with almost everything here and have been the starting point for many other researchers. He will be greatly missed! And the Ancient Astronaut theory is now mainstream with the Ancient Aliens TV show on the History Channel.

4.2       Current scientific evidence

The massive solar system wide changes mentioned in section 1.2 are certainly the most important evidence.

More concrete evidence of the earth related changes is major increases in volcanic, earthquake and severe and unusual weather activity.

Other major Earth changes include global warming and the melting of the polar caps.

The earth magnetic field is on the verge of collapse and even a possible reversal. When and if that happens, some think that our bodies’ energy fields will reverse which could trigger all of humanity to have an Out of Body Experience! See Geoff Strays books for more detail.

The I chin time wave zero

and the WEBBOT projects are human activity graphs that all go to zero in the year 2012 and ONLY in 2012.

Sergey Smelyakov’s Auric Time Scale reaches the center of whorl on Dec 21, 2012. The time taken for human knowledge to double goes vertical around 2012. Russell’s center of spiral is around 2012. From page 47 of Geoff Stray’s, 2012 in Your Pocket.

The radioactive decay rate which has always been thought to be a constant is now changing. Time dilation has been observed and the impact to ALL matter on earth is at question.

Strange and unusual noises are being heard worldwide.

Major die offs of birds and fish and other species are occurring on a regular basis

There is a major increase in the UFO activity.

Hidden and suppressed technology is being disclosed, especially by the India Today’s technology section which appears to be intentionally leaking classified Indian government research. Here is just one article that says the many UFO’s are time travelers from humanities future, but there are many others. There are many articles that mention the year 2012 including this one that says a galactic Family Reunion will occur before the end of 2012. Here is one on reversed engineered UFO faster than light travel.

Free energy and similar devices are becoming available. You will shortly be able to buy a Rossi E-Cat system at Home Depot!

Research by Russians and other scientists have demonstrated amazing properties of DNA. Greg Braden and David Wilcock have consolidated this information. Wilcock’s Source Field Investigations shows that almost instantaneous mutation, enhancement and activation of DNA is not only possible but a probable occurrence in the very near future, like 2012?

Although somewhat dated, Richard Hoagland’s Enterprise Mission books and videos present very compelling proof of Alien (or ancient human?) artifacts and civilizations on both Mars and the Moon and has tied this information into the 2012 phenomenon.

4.3       Current Social events

Peace is breaking out. The US led coalition has been kicked out of Iraq and Pakistan and is on the verge of being kicked out of Afghanistan.

Arab spring, European summer, American autumn are amazing events, never seen before. The occupy movement is now a global phenomenon with no sign of stopping. This is certainly unique in the history of the earth! People are finally waking up to their imposed tyranny by the illuminati and are not going to take it anymore!

World governments are falling every week. The US Congressional approval rating and the fiasco of the US Republican primary season speak for themselves.

Via recent laws and Executive Orders, Martial Law is for all practical purposes already in effect in the United States!  The U.S. Government can now do anything it wants with anything or anybody. And with E.O. 13563 our laws are being made subject to international laws.

Since 9/1/2011, over 450 world leading bankers have resigned or quit. And a good deal have been arrested. Over 700 leaders of all types have resigned just this year, not just bankers.

The world economic system is on the verge of collapse. A new financial system including BRICS and over 200 other counties is just getting started to take its place!

The mortgage debacle, MERS and a recent Federal judge ruling that the MERS business model is legally invalid plus the poor state of local records because of MERS will likely make it impossible to determine who owns what land!

Main stream media appears to be collapsing including News Corp, CNN and right wing talk shows. Plus the Ron Paul fiasco has effectively destroyed whatever credibility was left in the main stream media!

There are at least four major investigations of the loss of trillions of dollars. David Wilcock has done an amazing piece of journalism entitled Financial Tyranny covering one such investigation and a detailed history of the subject which is well worth reading.  A Cease and Desist Order  as well as a Lien against ALL Federal Reserve Banks has been submitted for Gold entrusted to the FED over 30 years ago which the Fed has NO chance of ever repaying.

The Catholic Church appears ready to collapse. JP Morgan closes Vatican accounts. There is talk about papal resignation soon. There are ongoing legal problems on many fronts. Churches need to CHANGE if they want to grow!

The energy system appears to be collapsing; nuclear, gas and oil. Many nuclear reactor problems and oil drilling problems are being reported. Recent major manmade disasters include Fukushima, Deep Water Horizon and the sinking of a “nuclear” vessel from Fukushima off the Alaskan coast. Fishing is being curtailed in these locations as a result of malformed seafood being caught. And now a new even bigger gas disaster in the North Sea

There appears to be a new country level model for the future. Iceland has wiped out most mortgage debt, arrested many responsible for the financial crises and replaced their government!

Here are 18 Venn diagrams that show exactly why our government, political system  and industries are so corrupt and interwoven!

4.4       Insider, whistleblower and paranormal evidence

Entirely new organizations such as Wikileaks and Anonymous are punching deep and serious holes in previously secret information and organizations. Government and other insider personnel are resigning and telling what they know.

Insider evidence is always very helpful, but insiders can’t bring out ET’s or Alien spaceships to show us. At most they have is some documentation. But unusually it is just their experiences we learn about. So it is up to you whether you believe them. But when a number of them all say the same thing, you’d better pay attention.

Dr. Stephen Greer has done an amazing job over the years on the Disclosure Project bringing out hundreds of senior insiders with direct knowledge of UFO’s and ET’s. Many of his insiders will attest to the capability that benevolent ET’s have in neutralizing not only U.S. but Russian and other countries supposedly invulnerable strategic nuclear forces, which has been going on since the 1950’s. Greer’s The Orion Project has incontrovertible evidence of suppressed energy technology (see also the Thrive movie) and is trying to find a way of bringing this technology into the public domain.

Note that Greer and several other Abductee researchers blame either Negative ET’s or Humans masquerading as Negative ET’s for much if not all Abductee events. Most current research indicates that benevolent ET’s respect human free will and do NOT involuntarily abduct humans. Also, they have no need or motive to do so. That does not mean that benevolent ET’s have not invited willing people, referred to as Contactees, to go along for a ride. Indeed they have.

Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot has hundreds of hours of insider testimony on video who discuss the Grays, the Annunaki and many of the benevolent ET’s as well as super advanced and secret government projects involving free energy, teleportation, faster that light wormhole type travel and many others.

Remote viewing is just a more scientific and precise version of Astral Projection. Almost all government remote viewers will attest to ‘viewing’ alien (Annunaki/Grey/Human) bases not only on the earth, but also on the Moon and Mars. Dr. Courtney  Brown’s Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorer books are amazing. He actually remote views and interviews Jesus and God. But the key point here is that almost all RVers acknowledge great difficulty is seeing past the year 2012. The same is reported by Cassidy’s insiders regarding time travelers. This Remote Viewing study confirms that major changes will occur in 2012. There certainly appears to be a definite boundary condition at the year 2012.

Many people who have had near death experiences (NDE) report that they were sent back to prepare humanity for a new golden age. Dannon Brinkley’s amazing experience of being hit by lighting and dying TWICE and his subsequent truth seeking quest can be found here. Others describe the afterlife as heavenly and wish they could have stayed there.

Delores Cannon is a hypnosis researcher with many amazing discoveries regarding 2012.

Robert Dean is a VERY unique individual. In his position of NATO Command Sergeant Major, he was aware of and briefed on most of the UFO/ET stuff in the NATO community. He reportedly has used stargates to teleport off planet. He also recently had a Near Death Experience where he was aboard a benevolent ET craft for a period of time. So he is not only an insider, but also an NDE and Contactee! His latest report can be found here and it validates much of the material from other insiders, from channeled sources and that is contained in this article.

Underground Negative ET bases have been reportedly rendered non-operational by benevolent ETs by insiders of David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Alfred Webre and Sorcha Faal. Although Faal is a known disinformation agent, that report was first and therefore I judge that piece of information from him as factual and credible based on the other sources. This insider information is backed up by scientificseismic data including that the ‘earthquakes’ were at the right depth and intensity for destruction of an underground base, were caused by an explosion and not a natural earthquake and finally the location of the quakes coincide reasonably closely with the location of well known underground bases such as Peters Mountain, VA. Finally, many credible channeled sources confirm these events.

4.5       Channeled Material

Channeled material, information telepathically or similarly received from other advanced beings , is by far the most accurate and up to date information available regarding both negative and positive alien and human activities, but MUST be used and read with discernment because there are a lot of pretenders and copycats. But it does work. The author had his own personal experience channeling his dad who died in 2001. And what John Edward does in front of live TV audiences is literally out of this world!

The Law of One is an exceptional work but VERY hard to read and understand. Barbara Marcinak’s Pleadian channeling is given a lot of credibility within the 2012 community. But both date from the 1980’s.

Patricia Cori’s the Sirian Revelation books where she channels the Sirian High Council are incredible and very current. There is almost nothing in these books that the author can find fault with. Cori’s material confirms Courtney Brown’s remote viewing of a Star Trek producer being induced dreams for stories by ETs, most likely the benevolent ones. It is worth noting that the Sirian High Council says that Gene Roddenberry’s works were anything but fiction and that he was a time traveler explicitly sent here to help prepare humanity for first contact. They also refer to Richard Hoagland as an adept, rare praise for someone still alive.

More currently, Suzanne Ward channels her son, Matthew Ward who died in a car accident when he was a young teenager. Veronica Keen channels her husband Montague Keen who died a few years back. It you think you could fake these people out, you are wasting your time. There are many others including Jesus, Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, Salusa of Sirius, Sheldon Nidle and many representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command.

Repeating even a tiny fraction of this material is impractical and a waste of time when you can read it for yourself. The key point is that vetted channeled information directly supports and confirms the other evidence presented above. Steve Beckow does an excellent job of following and summarizing such channeled messages and even contrasting their positions and views. Laura Tyco’s site is also recommended.

Lightworkers.org has the widest collection of channeled information, but should be read with some discernment.

5         Future events that are likely this year

What are the incredibly amazing things still to come in 2012 and the next few years?

The remaining cabal and illuminati personnel will be arrested and tried for their crimes. Note that this is the real purpose behind all the new Acts and Executive Orders being put into place, not to harm or hurt the public even though that’s the way Main Stream Media is spinning it. The arrest information comes from the following independent insider sources: Drake,Bill Brockbrader(aka Bill Wood), David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Alfred Webre, Neil Keenan and John Kettler; and is backed up by at least 7 major channeled sources.

Government collusion with illuminati and negative extraterrestrials especially the Annunaki will be disclosed.

Main stream media will no longer be muzzled and will for a change be reporting the truth about meaningful events. The TRUE history of mankind on earth will be revealed including the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lumeria.

New governments will be established that are really by and for the people.

A new financial system backed by precious metals has been agreed to by over 120 countries. It will be put into place shortly. Debts will be forgiven. Previously stolen money will be returned to the people.

We shall meet our own indigenous NON-Human race, called the Agharthans. They are literally under our noses living inside our hollow earth. Insiders such and Admiral Richard E. Byrd and Colonel Billie Woodard have had intimate contact with this race. And here is more evidence for the hollow earth ‘theory’.

First contact with ET’s and ED’s and even ascended masters will occur. ET’s living light based craft that are already here near earth but cloaked will decloak and many will land. Ascended Masters including Jesus and Buddha will return and walk among the people. These beings will assist humans in many areas including earth changes, pollution elimination, free energy distribution, replicator like devices and the changes to our bodies that will be occurring. Much of this will be temporary until Earth/Gaia ascends to the fifth dimension with most of its human inhabitants.

Our bodies will evolve from a carbon base to a crystalline base and will eventually be light based. Our DNA will change from 2 strands to their full 12 strand potential given time. Our pineal, pituitary and thalamus glands will be reactivated. We will gain many ESP like capabilities, namely, telepathy, astral projection, levitation, bi-location and others. We will each learn of our individual heritage and previous incarnations which were not necessarily on earth.

Just as this article was completed, this list of upcoming events with a rough timeline was found. It is most illuminating and is further confirmation of the predictions in this article.

What happens next? Well, that is up to us. We get to decide what our future world will look like and we will design and manifest it! So start thinking. And think BIG!

6         Summary and Conclusions

It has taken the author over thirty years to come to these conclusions via a lot of reading and research. It was not easy and I can’t fault the reader at all for failing to believe some or all of this material. But the time will come when you do. This is just a heads up on what it coming to ease your journey.

Although some pieces of this work can possibly be discounted or debunked, this is not likely. And even so, there is far too much collaborating evidence from too many independent sources engaged in multiple disciplines or research to dismiss.

There are millions of light workers and star seeds and even ETs and EDs on this planet now. We starseeds and light workers all believe this material is factual and we know we are here to help prepare Earth/Gaia and Humanity for the imminent transition to a new Golden Age and the fifth dimension.

The 2012 phenomenon is real. It is happening now and will affect everything on and in the earth and much of our solar system.

If you are expecting something major to happen exactly on Dec. 21, 2012, you may well be disappointed. The 2012 phenomenon is a fast paced transition/evolution, not a spontaneous onetime event. But if you want to research what other including channels are saying about December 21, look here.

Don’t be afraid. If you interpret events as positive they will be such for you.

Don’t judge others! Give and receive love and peace UNCONDITIONALLY!

You must learn how to forgive. Bearing old grudges only hurts YOU!

Let go of your ego. Egos prevent you from joining/merging with God/Source and will hamper your 5th dimensional journey.

Question EVERYTHING especially what the government says it is doing. Everything includes this article! Do your own research! Check sources. Find out for yourself. It is quite likely that this is the only way you will find YOUR truth.

And don’t forget to pass this on to others! Everyone needs this information!

Namaste (short for “I respect the divinity in us both.”)

Frank Hamel

Copyright is not in effect. Permission to copy and distribute freely is granted. But permission is not granted to change the content.

3 thoughts on “Why the 2012 phenomenon is real!

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  2. stop buying GMO foods from the supermarkets… stop taking vaccines and flu shots…. the American and European Government are SICK EVIL WAR CRIMINALS who inject toxic chemicals and poisons into our food supply

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