Warning of massive Earthquake and Tsunami to hit Australia and California.

Please forward this message on in a prayerful manner.  I do not share such information to instill a spirit of fear, but one of a sound mind.  Take any precautions you can, and hopefully none of this warning of the earthquake and tsunami will happen.  There are just some very odd things going on regarding Mitchell Combes Facebook account.  I took a screen shot and found his page saved by another who got the message before FB took his page down.
Mitchell Combes posted a 104 hour countdown to the earthquake in Japan and got it 100% correct. Some accept his prediction as true and some do not.

He posted on his Facebook page a new prediction around 11pm on 8/7/12.  This is the first one since his Japan prediction:

Ok everyone, you’ve been warned of what’s to come, we are getting extremely close to the 104 hour tsunami warning. I strongly advise that if you live on the east coast of NSW and west coast of USA, have your evacuation gear ready to go as soon as possible. I said on March 11 that California would be next after Japan’s countdown… Sydney’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.5, California’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.6, followed by two 9.4′s, all of these tsunamis will be created in the same exact hour.

When I went to his page from the link on ATS and got the “page isn’t found” notice, but I am not sure they have the right guy.  Right now, I don’t know if this story is accurate or not, but I will share what is supposedly out there now.  I am editing this post now, to convey some misgivings, but there may be legitimacy to the claims.  I think the ptb want us to believe in a calamity and give energy to “birth” it into being, so just keep a check on the ol’ fear gauge and simply watch and be aware.

Apparently, someone is not happy with his prediction or message.  Another person got a screen shot of his page though:

From what I learned about this guy some time back, he has some way of tracking HAARP signatures, and according to him, once they begin a cycle which he is able to identify somehow, then they can’t stop it.  He is not having dreams or visions, for him it’s about some scientific / observation he made regarding what he felt were man made disasters, and there is a 104 hour countdown once the process is started and it cannot be stopped once it is started.  So, his prediction is based on whatever it is he is noticing, and at this time, he is seeing something that is telling him the countdown is about to begin.  As far as I can tell though, it has not started yet.  So, could this be averted?

I also came across some other information tonight. We have a rare blue moon this month.  The full moon occurs on August 2nd and the 31st and the New moon is on the 17th.  The one on the second was called the Blood moon.  August 13th is the high Sabbat for those who follow Hecate, the triple goddess, and get this, on that day cakes are left at cross-roads in hopes she will avert storms and calamity.  Hecate is considered one of the Dark goddesses, and is often linked to Artemis and Diana.   I bring this up because occultists follow these dates and events closely and work toward accomplishing things based on particular dates.  Blue moons happen once ever 2 1/2 years.  I am still digging into what is going on, the rituals we have already seen happen with I Pet Goat II, Aurora Batman Shootings, and the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  You can read my blog to dig those up, but I will simply say they point to birthing the Golden Dawn, and that takes us to creating a New day, but first the waters of chaos must be created.  Out of Chaos they will create order- Ordo Ab Chao.

Lucifer comes into the world peacefully and prosperously after a season of great disaster and chaos.  I don’t know if this event is going to happen as this young man has predicted, but the symbolism is all there.  We also have the images on the money predicting a massive tsunami which goes over the top of tall buildings and the other one that appears to be the destruction of a dam, possibly the Hoover dam.

It looks like the sun is affected, possibly a nuke going off, and a tsunami coming over the building, and water reflecting the building at the bottom.

The old $50 is in the middle it has the road in tact on top. The new $50 has the road gone and water coming over the dam.

This is nothing new if you have not realized the false flags are on our money, and it’s like some sick joke or magickal working attached to how much we love our money etc.., but 9/11 twin towers and the Pentagon bombing is on the current $20, and the OK city Murrah building is on the old $20.00 bill complete with exact floor sections that remained after the building blew up.

As always, this is just more information to consider.  God is in control, and warned us all things that would come to pass, and we are seeing the increase in disasters, wars, famines, pestilence, and the increase of the power of the United Nations.  Fear not, and never lose hope in the fact that righteousness will overcome.  We have front row seats and are living in the very times the prophets of old longed to see!  Trust in the Lord and He will renew your strength.  Pray for all, and know you are a chosen generation.


Something is afoot as Sherlock Holmes would say, or was it Watson?  Anyhow, Bill Ryan with Project Avalon received this email and link about stock trading that is a  tad bit… ok a lot bit hinky:

I received this e-mail a few days ago on 1 August:

At 10 am, the Stock Exchange trading went off the charts with 2,000% increases instantly. This is EXACTLY what happened two days before 9/11. Is it happening again? They claim it was a computer glitch.

Here are the stocks that had astronomical activity at 10 am this morning for no reason. I don’t know what the abbreviations stand for, but I do know that at the top of the list is the US Government: This is the same group that increased 800% one day before 9/11 and made BILLIONS OFF 9/11.

Trading glitch….????

Kass also provides a list of stocks that are seeing WAY abnormally high volume compared to normal.

1,973% GOV US Equity <– Same govt. funds that made billions off 9/11 ! Whose increase was 800% two days before 9/11.
1,063% PL US Equity
747% MTZ US Equity
672% EXG US Equity
578% N US Equity
518% BG US Equity
420% HOG US Equity
407% TRN US Equity
401% PIR US Equity
388% PPO US Equity
316% KRO US Equity
314% DDD US Equity
305% DOLE US Equity
298% JWN US Equity
262% HLF US Equity
248% MCP US Equity
248% NOK US Equity
247% FRX US Equity
238% FSL US Equity
237% LH US Equity


From another member on Avalon:

Decoding these stock ticker symbols:

PL	Protective Life
MTZ	Mastec
EXG	EV Tax Managed
N	Netsuite
BG	Bunge
HOG	Harley Davidson
TRN	Trinity Industrials
PIR	Pier One
PPO	Polypore Int
KRO	Kronos Worldwide
DDD	3D Systems
DOLE	Dole Food Co
JWN	Nordstrom
HLF	Herbalife
MCP	Molycorp
NOK	Nokia
FRX	Forest Labs
FSL	Freescale
LH	Laboratory Amer

Whenever the elites are about to do a false flag and the craps going to hit the fan they love to play their stocks, put options and calls.  Whenever someone loses on the market someone else gains, but if you have insider info you can make trillions just like they did in the past!

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