Bilderburg goes all Bohemian on us

By Jeffrey Phelps

An annual summer event for many world elites is starting to become too popular for the media to continue ignoring. Now even local #Occupyis on board and nearby Monte Rio residentshave been forced to take notice.

Thursday marked the beginning of an annual two-week event that takes place at a Northern California redwoods retreat, known as theBohemian Grove. The event has publicly served as a place many of the world’s leaders of politics and industry meet for, what is largely believe to be, a couple weeks of rest and relaxation.

The national media has tried for decades to keep what really goes on there a secret, but little by little the truth about who actually goes and what really happens at the invitation only club is becoming harder to ignore. Even old grove protesters are coming out of retirement to join the new Bohemian Grove protest movement.

Normally, when groups of the world’s richest and most powerful and influential individuals get together for discussions, or for anything for that matter, it becomes instant news. Meetings and summits around the world attract the attention of top media from across the globe. Journalists and reporters are typically clamoring at any opportunity for a good shot, interview or story. Every aspect of a G-20 Summit, for instance, is covered in great detail and from every angle.

Why then isn’t Bohemian Grove? What exactly is it about the event that excites people into protesting and why has the media typically been so secretive about what goes on there? Although many in the mainstream have, in fact, covered various aspects of the event throughout the years, when they do they’ve always somehow never quite put the event into perspective for people so everyone can become aware of the event’s true nature.

Acting much like the party version of the annual Bilderberg meeting, also receiving little to no real and honest media coverage, perhaps it is what actually does happen there that becomes the real reason the media treats the yearly gathering as a very taboo situation.

Founded in 1872 near San Francisco, the all-male Bohemian Club began meeting as a group of big-wig locals in news and arts who were interested in gathering yearly to find reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily West Coast life, so the ‘official’ story goes..

Some of the earliest writings on the meetings, however, were found to have included details of heavy drinking and drugging and strange Pagan rituals. One of which entailed an alleged mock human sacrifice known as the “Cremation of Care” ceremony. Usually practiced at the beginning of the event to allow for the attendees to feel as if they can then conduct official business, behind closed doors, without the added weight of typical human emotions like humanitarianism and empathy.

Although on the rare occasion someone in the mainstream media does mention the grove, it is usually accompanied with assertions that no official business is ever conducted there. Even though the vast majority of those who make claims such as these have never been there, on top of the fact that those who have are, in almost every case, these very reporter’s bosses and are sworn to secrecy anyway.

However, in the 80′s it was leaked that the Grove was what allowed for the inception of the atom bomb, eventually becoming known as the “Manhattan Project.” Partially detailed in a 1986 movie baring the same title and made by director, Marshall Brickman, also an admitted Bohemian.

National magazines and newspapers throughout the years have tried to portray the club as merely a rich mans get-together that allows its members to simply blow off steam and to free their minds once a year. What they aren’t telling you about how the members supposedly blow off steam is what begins to get frightening and is the exact reason why ‘mainstream’ cameras never find their lenses pointed in that direction.

Doing what no other investigative journalist had been capable of doing, either prior or since, is independent internet radio talk show giant Alex Jones, successfully infiltrating the Grove in 2000 and capturing that year’s Cremation of Care ceremony from a hidden backpack camera.

What he found was documented in a self-produced documentary film entitled, “Dark Secrets Inside the Bohemian Grove.” There he detailed his entire experience while exposing what really happens at the Grove and thoroughly affirmed the years of rumors that today’s leaders of US and world politics, media and industry are still going and still participate in the same strange satanic-style rituals that have been practiced since the beginning, including Cremation of Care

Since its inception the club has become very popular in elite circles and has grown in size to incorporate a list of 2000 members, sometimes with as much as a 15-plus year waiting list.

Although many #Occupy protesters joining the festivities over the next few weeks may be there simply due to the fact that it gives them an opportunity to follow the so-called “1%” to where they play as well, others are there because they actually realize what takes place behind the wall of intense secrecy and security.

Alex Jones still holds the best footage and analysis of the event and its historical relevance, including protests going on outside of the event, itself including strange, anti-evil spirit rituals of their own. The documentary and its follow-up version can be seen at this Youtube location.

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